In 2014 for the first time television channel “Ukraine” has become the second among the Top 6 national television channels in two key audiences at once: 18+ and 18-54. In audience 18+ the channel has been keeping its second position for three years in a row, while in audience 18-54 the channel used to be the fourth in 2013.

Channel “Ukraine” is the only national television channel among the TOP 6 channels that has gone up by two positions at once. This is evidence that the team of the channel chose a good strategy and found the right path to meet the viewers’ expectations to the most. So according to the results of 2014 average share of the channel in audience 18-54 was 9,5%*, the rating – 1,5%. In audience 18+ average share was 10,1%**, the rating – 1,9%. Channel “Ukraine” is the only one of the TOP 6 channels that did not drop its share in audience 18-54 compared to 2013, the shares of the other TOP 6 channels dropped by 8-13%* in audience 18-54.

In the course of the year the indices of the channel had positive evolution – average televiewing share increased by 7%* from the first to the fourth quarter. The highest televiewing share was observed in January 2014 reaching 10,28%* with rating 1,97% in audience 18-54, and reaching 11,17%** with rating 2,50% in audience 18+. Also the channel showed high numbers in December (18-54: share – 9,82%*, rating – 1,62% and 18+: share – 10,48%**, rating – 2,08%) and August (18-54: share – 10,21%*, rating – 1,38%; 18+: share – 10,84%**, rating – 1,74%).

Channel “Ukraine”. My country. My television.

Television channel “Ukraine” is a part of Media Group Ukraine, with System Capital Management holding 100% of its authorized capital. Development of the channel is the field of strategic interest for the shareholders. Media Group Ukraine invests in technical equipment, content, development and promotion of the channel brand as well as professional growth of its employees.