Channel “Ukraine” is one of the leading national television channels of Ukraine. According to the results of year 2015 television channel “Ukraine” is the first in the rating of the national channels for the audience over 18 years old, sample “50,000+”, with share of 11.02% and rating of 1.95%.

Television audience research data by Television Industry Committee (TIC), panel operator — Nielsen; monitoring — Komunikatsiynyi Alyans company. Data provided by television channel “Ukraine” for indices rat%, shr%. See details in the TIC glossary: http://tampanel.com.ua/ru/about/pravila-oprilyudnennya-danix/

Overall coverage of television channel “Ukraine” since 2014 is 91.1% of all households of Ukraine. The signal is transmitted via analogue transmission network, cable networks, T2 digital broadcasting network and satellite. The channel broadcasts infotainment, educational and popular science, entertainment, dramatic and sports programs. A variety of shows, documentaries, films and series have been produced and actively developed in‑house. Television channel “Ukraine” is an affiliated company of “Media Group Ukraine” LLC (which also includes youth channel “NLO TV”, specialty channels “Football 1”/”Football 2”, specialty channel “Indigo TV”, “Regional Media Group”, “Mediapartnership” sales house, “Digital Screens” (oll.tv), “Tele Pro” production company, “Front Cinema” and “Dopomozhemo TV”, and “Segodnia Multimedia” holding). http://kanalukraina.tv